Facts And Checks: USA vs IRAN By Ibn Taofeeq Abdul Azeez


The USA wants us to believe Iran under Soleimani was a terrorist State. Yet, the US is the world’s sponsor and promoter of wars directly and indirectly. Wars are the greatest breeder of global instability and terrorism. Should the World also start taking down US top Generals to stop wars? Definitely that is not the solution. Let them end War to end terrorism. Enough of fooling the world.

Yes. Iran can never boast of weaponry the US have. Maybe the worst mistake Iran will make is going to war with America. The whole of the Arabian world are not united and even strong enough to go into war with the US. How many alliances do they have that can measure up to America and her coalitions? America has by far the deadliest politics and will not hesitate to use it on the Arab if they ever think of fighting the US. America is not really afraid of Iran because they did not really want a war. It took only half a dozen American special forces to overcome over 500 hostiles in Libya. Just 6! Iran should just calm down and look for other ways not openly declaring war on America. It is a high risk and ill-advised move.

We know the United States is the most powerful nation on earth now. We see the Trump Trillion budget for military alone. But if Russia and China join Iran, it is going to be a tough fight for US. Except these countries(especially China) choose to be neutral for trade sake. If Israel joins US, it is going to be brutal.

Historically, in the 1945 when the US took the world by surprise with nukes. Now most countries have developed powerful nukes. The US is not the only country prepared for a war. 1945 glory and 2020 glory might be different. A fight is dangerous when u don’t know what your enemy is preparing. The United States cannot wipe Iran because of their oil wells in Iran funding the rich Americans. They will only take out the threats.

Also, there is a reason the world has been cautious with Iran. War today is not only fought with brute force. What about cyber space? If they hack the NSE, economic sabotage, even if they get to nuke one of the US cities. The damage is unimaginable.

It is with this arrogance the United States went to Vietnam and got the beating of their life. The killing of Soleimani was a dumb move by Trump and America and even if they are all going about joking about it and thinking they are untouchable, they are far more vulnerable than they think.

Even though the war would be disastrous to both countries. Iran may have a lot more to lose. The whole war would be fought in Iran, none of it would reach the US soil, the best Iran can do(if there will be a war) is to use terrorist attacks which would be hard as well.

Let us check the story of America and North Korea and you will see that Kim immediately realized that Russia backed off and he immediately yielded to the demands of America. Vladimir Putin and Trump are cold allies and they think twice before stepping into each other’s business. North Korea may never stand America in a war. Japan tried it on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and we all know the rest of the story.

We also know that American airspace scans any unidentified object as it enters their airspace and destroys it within milliseconds once it is ascertained to be high-risk. The only risk of a world war III is if there is a coalition of Russia and Israel against America which is highly impossible. But all these North Korea or Iran threats, maybe mere cackle of a duck.

America has the strongest military. Yes they are obviously rich but there is one thing we should note that the puppet Trump and his puppeteers somehow will not want to obviously send millions of their people to their Graves. Whereas, the Iranians are cold blooded killers. Israel is America’s strongest ally – Iran’s number one enemy. America may win the war but also at a deadly cost. Countries are sovereign for a reason. You don’t tamper on their autonomy and expect them to embrace you with open arms.

Also, all this politics and show of strength respond differently on some people. Why do we think the US never attack North Korea? There are some people who just want to watch the world burn. Iran can send in chemical or atomic weaponry into US leading to a long lasting effects and wait for their country to be wiped out. This is the same reason US will never attack North Korea. Trump is not the only mad man. There are many. And seriously this Iranians do not care because they believe dying to defeat the enemy is salvation.

At last, it will be a bloodshed in the home of Islam as said by one of our scholars. We say no to War. We pray there will be no war. May Allah safeguard us all.

You have all the rights to agree or disagree with this post.

9th January, 2020

© Ibn Taofeeq Abdul Azeez


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