Entire Christian Village Reverted to Islam in Africa


An entire village in Africa embraced Islam. Africa was the first continent into which Islam spread from Southwest Asia, during the early 7th century CE. Almost one-third of the world’s Muslim population resides in the continent. Muslims crossed current Djibouti and Somalia to seek refuge in present-day Eritrea and Ethiopia during the ‘Migration’ to the Kingdom of Aksum. Most Muslims in Africa are Sunni; the complexity of Islam in Africa is revealed in the various schools of thought, traditions, and voices in many African countries.

The practice of Islam on the continent is not static and is constantly being reshaped by prevalent social, economic, and political conditions. Generally Islam in Africa often adapted to African cultural contexts and belief systems forming Africa’s own orthodoxies.It was estimated in 2002 that Muslims constitute 48% of the population of Africa. Islam has a large presence in North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Sahel, the Swahili Coast, and much of West Africa, with minority immigrant populations in South Africa.A video is getting viral on social media of a village who become Muslim.

You can Watch the Video

Due to racism, black people are targeted I Africa and local facilities are not available to them. Many Negro present in that area complains that if you are white, you will get everything easily but if you are black, then it’s a hell for you. Black people in Africa spend a terrible life because they are not considered as normal. Normally, when a person accept Islam, there are number of reasons for the acceptance especially when you are present in Africa. They got inspired by the teaching of Islam.

They may be inspired by the way the Muslim lives or they may inspired by love, care and affection they get from the Muslim. As in Islam, nobody is superior than another as white person cannot be superior to black, rich cannot be superior to poor, only the one which is superior is a one who fear God. So, as a Non-Muslim when you read such things, it give you a pure feeling of love and affection from the God.

The difference of inferiority complex vanish and you find a way to live happily. Islam is based upon true religion. It did not discriminate between rich and poor. It did not discriminate between black and white. It is the only religion which is still present in its pure form.

The whole village had accepted Islam because they knew Islam give equal rights to live. Christians and Catholics never find peace because and as there is no proof of their teaching, they remains puzzled on the time, while thing whether it is right or not. When they read Holy Qur’an, their minds change and as it is true book, it has attraction and power to change the mind and to make people believe in that book.

It is superb thing for Muslim who are preaching Islam around the world. Recently, in Nigeria a whole village accepted Islam and the people behind them was Muslims in UK who were preaching Islam.it was done because of their efforts that they got inspired and accepted Islam. May God give us power and will to understand Islam.


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