Allahu Akbar! Olobatala embraces Islam In Osogbo


Abdulganniy Olaide Ezra wrote;

“Yesterday. Allah’s destiny came to passed as He guided back this lost servant and he became Sakariyyah. Allohu Akbar!!!

” Verily the only religion before Allah our creator is Islam. Surat Al-Imran 3 vs 19”

Allah say further in the Surat 3 ‘vs 85;

Whoever takes other religion than Islam it will not be accepted from him.”

And in Surat 3 vs 102. Allah decreed and warned all humankind to never die except as Muslims.

Just about some three months ago, it was reported that a particular man appointed as local imam was lured with huge money to pagan religion and he became Baba Olosun. Up till this moment, the Muslim community are still working on how to get this man back so that he did not die upon disbelieving.

The man appeared here is known to many here in Osogbo as ‘Baba Olobatala’. I’ve been talking to him for about two years now. Each time I see him, I do show concern and sympathy towards him and I do pray Allah guides him back to Islam.

As Allah will have it, yesterday, I opened dialogue with him and I invited him to mosque which he did. And from then discussion began and he surrendered to the truth. He reverted back to Islam and he proclaimed Khalimatu Sahaddah before everyone present in front of Islahudeen Central Masjid Alekuwodo Osogbo. By Allah’s mighty grace, I removed all the charms and hamlets he put on neck, hands and body. Lah haola walaquwatta Ilah billohi. There is no power except from Allah. Allohu Akbar!”

Watch the video:


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